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Our Collection.

Bombay: This collection draws inspiration from the city:

the colours, the mood, the fabrics and the fits. 

Glorifying urban fictionality, every piece is designed to be worn through the day. Dominated by pure cottons and linens, that are easy on the eyes and easier on the body.

We have also explored designs that are versatile in nature, and can not only be styled but also worn multiple way paving the way for detachable pieces will feature in our future collections. 

We hope you enjoy wearing  this collection as much we adored designing it for you. 


Bombay Street Style can be best described as elevated basics, exploring that unchartatrd space between casuals and formals. Existing in this grey area allows the perfect balance between daily wear and occasion wear, hence can be dressed down for the day and dressed up for the night.

This resonates most closely with the personal style of our founder, allowing versatility in your wardrobe and owning keepsakes that can be worn over the years. 


BSS was born with a mission to make modesty fashionable and fashion relatable . We have personally always struggled with finding trendy modest wear, so finally after much deliberation we brought our vision to life: 


  • To create designs that were effortless and required minimal styling;

  • Clothes that will leave you feeling comfortable regardless of your age, size, or body type;

  • And to celebrate the ease in modesty.


Own the idea that luxury is not be saved for those special moments, but luxury should be a part of your everyday. 

Own the idea that luxury is for you and not for those around you to pine over.


We at BSS celebrate everyday luxury, making the garments in high quality fabrics, so they not only look great but also feel great on the skin. They can take you from Sunday brunches to client meetings, errands and even last through a night out. 

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